Welcome to the future home of Morelock Photo.

Yeah I know, it's said that for a long time. I spend too much time travelling and taking pictures, not enough sitting here working on my website. Soon though, soon... For now, if you're that bored here's a few sports images i've taken. Sports Portfolio

I use Smugmug.com to display the pictures, and they take care of all ordering and printing. With Smugmug you pick out the pictures you want, and then the sizes you want. You pay Smugmug with a credit card, then they print the pictures at a professional photo lab, and mail the pictures direct to you.

I've already color corrected all photos so I'd recommend leaving the color set on true, rather than auto.

All galleries.

2007 Stars Of Karting from Norman is finally online. 2007 Stars Of Karting Norman

and since you probably never saw them, here's 2006.
2006 Stars Of Karting Norman

Hopefully i'll get to shoot more Stars in Vegas at the end of the year.

If you're considering a large print, 20x30 inches or bigger please email me with the gallery it's in and the picture number, something like _Z3****. I'll go over the picture again, making sure it's really sharp and cropped for the size you want. I shoot with a 16 megapixel camera, where most people use a 4-8 megapixel camera. What this means for you is if you ever do buy a large size picture the detail will be amazing. You can count hairs on arms, see every freckle etc.

If you have any questions contact me at mike@morelockphoto.com